What's new - 05/Apr/2014 has just released Match 31.


The blonde is STUNNING and takes on the tough black girl.

Both these girls want to win, but there is only one winner.

The match was recorded in high quality video, with good lighting and a total run time of 23 minutes.

How to purchase

Our videos can only be purchased through PayPal. Don't forget, you can still make card payment through PayPal even if you don't have a PayPal account, which is 100% safe and secure.

All payment needs to be in GBP or Great British Pounds (Sterling). Don't worry, PayPal sort all this out for you, and for free!

After we have received payment, we will ship your DVD the same day. If you have bought a Download, we will send you a link for you to download your purchase.

How to wrestle for us

Are you female, would you like to wrestle Naomi, or maybe a friend of yours, and get paid very good money?

We are looking for other ladies to wrestle for us. The matches need to be fully clothed and last about 10 to 15 minutes.

The wrestling must be competitive submission wrestling or pins to a count.

No experience needed at all, and minimum age of 18 please.

Or, you wrestle a girl where you live and film it, we will then buy the copyright to the filmed match from you.